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Updated: Jul 1, 2019

So when the time shall come

I shall be ready

no more tears...

no more fears...

no more reconcile

no more parse

A veil of deceit has been lifted...

pregnant pauses have been sifted

At the end ...all that's left is bare bone

Shadows of a past...tattered and torn

With pen in hand...

poised to sign for one last time...

a name that is no longer mine...

Leaving but a spot...

In the history of my time...

A mark... A blemish ... a blot...

A place holder for what I thought

was sublime

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Ismeretlen tag
2019. júl. 01.

A kaleidoscope of emotions ... mixture of loss, grief, yet hope and vision for a future with an emerging identity. Beautifully expressed Nomita.

Ismeretlen tag
2023. márc. 23.
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Cruel clarity followed by resilience and strength

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