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Board of Directors

Executive Members

President: Raman Kaul, M.D.
Vice President: Nomita Verma-Pfaff, PhD
Secretary: Monika Bhatt
Treasurer: Jaslin Chopra


Domestic Violence Liaison: Jaslin Chopra

Education: Nomita Verma-Pfaff

Grants: Bhavana Pahwa, PhD

Events & Entertainment : Amita Banerjee

Website and Media : Tanu Javeri


Dr. Raman Kaul


Dr. Kaul has been associated with AWAKE since 1996. She is a Radiation Oncologist and practices in Rockland and Westchester counties and is on staff at Good Samaritan Hospital, Westchester Medical Center and Mt. Sinai Hospital. She has participated in the New York State training program mandated for people who work with DV. Having trained with Volunteer Counseling Services of New City where she worked for more than 15 years as a Volunteer Counselor, she has also participated in training of probation and police officers at the Westchester Academy for Police in Valhalla. She works closely with several social workers in Rockland County schools and provides counseling to children of South Asian families.

Monika Bhatt


Monika Bhatt is a Corporate Attorney for a Medical company.  She is passionate about social causes that support and empower women and children.  In her early professional life, she successfully advocated and drove policies to obtain financial aid from Government for assistive technology for disabled children. As a member of the Women’s Bar Association, she also mentored many students, young professionals and women to navigate through their professional and personal challenges.  Besides balancing a full time career, being a parent to a teenager and working for social causes, she also pursues personal interests such as martial arts, dancing and more importantly, being the change she wants to see in the world.

Tanu Javeri

Board Member

Tanu Javeri is an award winning, 18-year digital marketing veteran, with deep roots in digital marketing. She currently works for IBM. Tanu has authored business articles for publications. She has been volunteering from a very young age. She started volunteering with Rotary Club in India at the age of 17 years. She is very involved in women empowerment by mentoring women in her professional life and with clients of AWAKE. To further her abilities to help women, she completed her Women in Leadership Certification from Cornell University. Tanu manages the Media and Website for AWAKE.

Dr. Bhavana Pahwa

Board Member

Bhavana Pahwa recently retired as the Deputy Director of the  White Plains Youth Bureau after 17 years. She currently consults with non-profit organizations. Bhavana has professional experience in program development, evaluation, and non-profit marketing/public relations.  She earned her Master’s degree in Social Work and PhD from the University of Texas, Arlington and a second Master’s Degree in Communications from Texas Tech University.  Prior to being appointed as the Deputy Director, she worked as a Program Director at the Youth Bureau and as an Intervention Specialist with the Arlington Independent School District in Texas.
Bhavana is deeply connected with the Indian community, has served as the President of the Indian American Cultural Association of Westchester and runs a free e-newsletter and Facebook group "Westchester Indians" which shares events and facilitates communication among members. Her dedication and tireless work with youth and families as well as with school districts and community based organizations for over 30 years has been widely recognized and she was inducted in the Westchester County Senior Citizen Hall of Fame in 2018.

Dr. Nomita Verma-Pfaff

Vice President

Dr. Verma-Pfaff is a resident of Bergen County, NJ and an Associate Professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University.  She has volunteered in the area of domestic violence for many years and spearheads AWAKE’s educational program, initiating the “Healthy Relationship” seminar series and has conducted workshops on “Communication amongst couples” and “The generation gap in Indian families.” Prior to joining AWAKE, she was an active member of SWERA in Maryland, a group which formed a supportive community for women in abusive relationships and facilitated their growth into empowered, thriving and independent women.

Jaslin Chopra

Treasurer, (President 1998-2005) 

Currently Treasurer, Ms. Chopra chairs AWAKE’s Domestic Violence (DV) Committee.  With over 3 decades of experience in working with domestic violence survivors she  began a Task Force to educate members of AWAKE about domestic violence and actively recruited women who supported AWAKE and volunteered their expertise. She has a Paralegal Associate degree and is also trained as per New York State guidelines in working with survivors of DV. She is a certified Court Translator. She worked at the Rockland Family Shelter for several years. She has participated in cultural sensitivity training for judges, legal advocates and attorneys in Rockland County.

Dr.Madhu Ahluwala

Board Member

Dr. Alhuwalia, a resident of Rockland County, is a Board Certified Psychiatrist and has been in practice in Rockland County for more than 30 years.  She has been a dedicated and active member of AWAKE for more than two decades.  She contributes counseling services to AWAKE clients and has conducted weekly support group meetings for AWAKE.

Amita Banerjee

Board Member

Amita Banerjee began her career journey in the corporate world of American Express but soon realized that the call of her inner core was towards learning the Ayurvedic healing arts and teaching others to make aware and mindful choices foe better health. She pursued her training in nutritional Counseling by the American Association of Drugless  Practitioners (AADP), USA. A dedicated teacher, she has been teaching Ayurveda nutrition, Ayurveda body and wellness therapy and has conducted many workshops  around the US. Her mission as an ayurvedic healer is to nurture people and create the simplest way for wellness and balance through her teaching. She is currently an Ayurveda Wellness and life- style Consultant in New York City. She chairs the Entertainment Committee.

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